General FAQ

Q. Are your images paintings?
A. No they are all photographs. However I love to edit my images and I like my pictures to look like a painting, dreamy and magical.
I also like to work on the colors and making it look surreal, but real enough to believe it.

Q. Do you create your sunbeams and rays in Photoshop?
A. No, they are all real. In fact I don’t even post process them too much, it makes them look worse.

Q. Where can we buy your work?
A. I sell prints on paper in my gallery on the website.
For the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium you can purchase my work on different materials.   OKAY, GET ME THERE

– A  selection of my images is for sale in the YellowKorner stores all around the world. Find your local store HERE.
– And of course you can always CONTACT me with requests.

Q. Do you give workshops?
A. No, not at the moment. After three years of giving workshops I decided to stop for a while.

Q. What gear do you use?
A. -Sony A7RII with  a FE 100-400mm F/4.5-5.6 GM OSS , Sony 16-35 mm and a 24-240mm
-Hasselblad X1D with XCD 45mm
-Nikon D800 with a 70-200mm
-DJI Mavic Pro drone
-Gitzo tripod with a RRS ballhead
-Filters: Lee, little and big stopper, some soft gradients and polarizing filters

Q. Where are you based?
A. I am based in the Netherlands, but traveling a lot through Europe as well, check our TRAVEL BLOG